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People ask me all the time, “What’s a life coach?” – and I can tell they’re intrigued, albeit somewhat skeptical.

This may sound like a shameless plug for hiring a life coach – but it isn’t – at least it’s not shameless.  Do I believe most people could use a life coach? Yeah, I actually do.  But mind you, I left a well-paying, stable-income, corporate job to become a life coach.  So obviously I really believe in its power, too.  I have a coach myself.

The truth is, many people don’t really know what to make of the new personal development industry that’s emerging – but like I said, there’s some part of them that’s intrigued.  Some part of them wants to know more about it and feels somewhat drawn to it, even if it does seem a bit “woo woo” or “hippie dippie” or “intangible.”

I believe the part that pulls people in is that on some level, we’re really starting to see – no actually to feel – that all of the STUFF we’ve been taught about “how to do life” isn’t working.  And by “stuff” I mean the stable job, the material things we acquire (and acquire and acquire), the “good enough” relationship that checks off all the boxes, the “living for Friday night” mentality, – it’s not actually making us any happier.  And I think we, collectively, are really starting to get suspicious, like, “Wait, they promised me that if I bought the nice car and worked my way up the ladder at my job, lost the weight, and found a nice guy/girl, that I’d be happy.”

Are you happy?  I don’t mean screaming from the rooftops happy – I mean day-to-day, are you content?

This is the question more and more people are getting brave enough to ask.  And it’s where this personal development work starts.  The truth is that no matter what we have, it can’t make us happy – I think we’re starting to see this.  But the deeper truth is that until we learn a new way of being, we will never be content.

Life coaching focuses on so many things:

  • learning how to listen to your gut
  • aligning with who you truly are and growing strong enough to honestly be able to say “screw all the rest”
  • holding space for you to “word vomit” and process whatever’s coming up
  • understanding what your deeply-held limiting beliefs are and shifting your mindset around them
  • uncovering your behavioral patterns and learning how to break those up, too
  • getting (lovingly) called out on your bullshit that’s holding you back
  • focusing on what your mind is saying to you (most of us are really mean to ourselves – whether or not we’re aware) and quieting the inner critic voice
  • helping you get “un-stuck” by having an accountability partner who helps you actually start getting out there and doing all the things you’ve always said you would but never do
  • and so much more

And THOSE, my friends, are the things that will truly make us happy.

Ready to take the next step and experience it for yourself?  I offer a free sample coaching session to anyone who’s interested, as a chance to get to know the people in my community better and, if it’s a fit, explore how we might be able to work together.

If this intrigues you, I invite you to click here to book a free sample session!