I’m more excited about my life and my future than I’ve been in a long time, and working with Alexis has been THE major factor in this shift. Her coaching is super effective – I can’t believe how much has changed for me in just a few months! When we first started working together I was feeling pretty hopeless – I’d read plenty of self-help books, had years of therapy and the fact that I considered myself so self-aware actually contributed to my pessimistic outlook about ever feeling happier.

Since working with Alexis, I experience moments of joy every single day, which I truly didn’t think was possible for me. I’ve introduced healthy habits into my life that I could never commit to before, and am finally on a career path that I’m really inspired by. Alexis goes above and beyond in her role as coach, and I am so grateful she came into my life.

I’ve been so encouraged by my work with Alexis that I’ve decided to pay it forward by becoming a coach as well – I just hope I can help and inspire women as much as she has!

Tess Rafferty April 4, 2016

There are’t enough words to say how truly grateful I am to have had Alexis as my coach. She is one of the most calm, kind, considerate, people I know and truly beautiful inside and out.

Alexis has helped me gain confidence in my new journey as a writer and has made me stronger in mind and body. She takes her time in getting to know you, and listens with care, but can make you laugh uncontrollably and just be a shoulder to cry on.  I am happy to have Alexis as my teacher and coach but now as a friend.

Laura Young April 4, 2016

When I first started working with Alexis I felt overwhelmed by my overly-committed life - I genuinely couldn't see the woods through the trees.

Working with Alexis has allowed me to gain perspective and prioritize my commitments.  Her patient and non-judgemental support helped me feel safe confiding how drained and stressed I had been feeling.  She empowered me to get back into the driver’s seat of my life: I made fundamental changes to my diet and lifestyle, tapped into a resource of wonderful women that offered solidarity and inspiration - and overall,  I just feel calmer and more centered.  I now feel a greater sense of self-acceptance, which is interesting as my drive and motivation is still extremely high, and no trade off was needed.

Perhaps most importantly, though, is that although there are still challenges, I'm having more fun with my life — which I credit to the fundamental shift in my attitude.  This has made all the difference.

Niamh Patten May 4, 2016

Alexis is hands down one of the most powerful coaches I've ever met.  She brings boldness, love and honesty into one space and is able to move her clients powerfully from breakdown to breakthrough.  I've known and worked closely with Alexis for almost 3 years and I can say one thing for certain: this woman ALWAYS impresses me.  She's kind, charismatic and creative, totally embodying the type of woman you want to follow.  And as a coach, she brings it.  With love and velocity.

Katie DePaola May 13, 2016

When I get on the phone with Alexis, before we even get to talking, I can feel her smile and her heart through the line. Seriously. Get on the phone with her and connect heart to heart in a way that you may not have ever experienced before. She'll teach you self-love and connect it to everything in such an inspiring way. You will re-discover parts about yourself you never realized you buried. You dig deeper feeling safe and come out a better person at the end of the call. She holds you just right and pushes you ever so gently to expand. She'll "get on the floor and get dirty" if you want to work out the nitty gritty of something but is also great at going deeper in your heart, mind and emotions of the topic. Most coaches do one or the other... Alexis does both, harmoniously and filled with love.

Fatima May 22, 2016