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The morning of the Orlando shooting a coaching colleague of mine posted on Facebook:

“Need some love. There’s so much death happening I can’t take it lately.  I’m unmotivated. I’m doubting the work [we do] works.”

When she said she doubted the work we do works it hit a major chord for me and has been sitting with me ever since.  As a coach, so much of my work is about making the world a better place.  But when something so tragic happens, it’s easy to wonder, “Does it even matter?  Does what we do even make a difference?”

But of course it does because if we want to see change in this world then we as individuals have to “clean up our side of the street.”

When we take care of our own energy, it creates a ripple effect.

As one of my favorite yoga teacher’s, Troy Hadeed, said, “How can we have a world that is at peace and harmony if the individuals that make up that world cannot find that within themselves?”  Because “the question isn’t if you’re going to change the world.  It’s how you’re going to change the world.”  In other words, we must understand that we each have a PERSONAL responsibility to this world and to what happens within it.

You don’t have to be running a nation or effecting change at a global level in order to have a personal responsibility for making this world better.  Everything you do, big or small, matters.

My favorite author, Marianne Williamson says you can only ever choose from love or fear.  Traditionally we define “love” as a deep feeling or attachment to something and “fear” as perceiving something as threatening or causing pain.

Her definitions, however, are all-encompassing.

Fear includes resistance, hate, anger, jealousy, meanness, cruelty, judgment.  If you want to better understand how that shows up in your life, I’ve written before on the sneaky ways it can manifest.

Her love is the “big definition” of love – it includes empathy, compassion, possibility, connection, relatedness, tolerance, patience.  And THAT is what we have to choose, again and again.

And so I’m back to why I believe this work is important – whether through coaching, through yoga, through meditation, through mentoring, through writing – WHATEVER it is that helps us take care of own energy:

Because until we take full responsibility for the energy we bring into the world, until we choose love every single day, until we use our voice to speak out for what we believe in (not just when something terrible happens but EVERY SINGLE DAY), until we inspire others to do the same, how can we expect the world to change?

So, as always, I challenge you.  I challenge you to examine where you can “clean up your side of the street,” where you can practice greater compassion, greater understanding, greater tolerance, greater patience.  Even when it’s not easy.  Maybe even when it’s not expected.

Really ask yourself, where are you not showing up “in love”?  Where are you showing up in fear?

And what are you willing to do about it?

So I’ll leave you with a quote:

“That’s what a miracle is… a decision to see love where we only saw fear before.  It’s a shift in perception… a return to love.” – Marianne Williamson