Hi! I’m Alexis and I’m a life coach and yoga teacher.

This journey of personal transformation found me – I mean really found me – in 2012. I had just graduated from a top masters program and found myself at an international development finance consulting firm (yeah, that’s a mouthful).

My new job was exciting – and very exhausting – requiring long, unpredictable hours and a lot of international travel. While I craved the stimulation, prestige and excitement of my work, I found myself more worn down than ever. I had begun living a life that was seldom about me anymore. To be honest, it felt like something “honorable” that I should be doing – the logical next step that my many years of studying had led me to.

Let me back up for a second…

I was raised by two successful doctors, and was told from the day I could talk that I could do anything I wanted in the world.  I’ve always been driven – okay a total perfectionist (what’s a B+? I kid, I kid…) – and actually wanted to save the world.  I remember my dad telling me at a young age that I’d be the first female president.  I also remember going to the World Bank with a friend on a “take your daughter to work day” at 13 years old and saying, “This is what I’m going to do. I’m going to solve poverty.”  I know, pretty ambitious for a tween.

I continued down the path that had been set out for me, majoring in Economics and Spanish, volunteering in microfinance in Peru, and ending up at Johns Hopkins for grad school.

In fact, before I knew it I’d developed this whole persona around this ‘successful international development professional.’  (Un)fortunately, soon after that I had a realization: f*ck… I really don’t want to do this.

I realized I’d spent my life trying to overcompensate for my insecurities—trying to prove to the world I was smart enough and could have it all.  Deep down, however, I felt completely out of line with who I really was and what I was really all about.  I remember seeing classmates engage in super passionate debates over U.S.-China relations (snore…) but despite my best efforts, I could not will myself to care.

Add to this a bout of anorexia, crippling body image issues, and going on a break with my now-husband, and it would be safe to say that things were spiraling out of control for me.  To make matters worse, no one even knew what was going on with me – since it looked like I had it all together on the outside.

I’d always been self-aware and was familiar with the stereotypical “mid-life crisis.”

I started to realize that if something didn’t change, I was guaranteed to find myself in one of my own someday.

Enter yoga.  I had been practicing on and off for about 8 years at the time but began to get more serious about my practice. Something about it both energized and calmed me, always leading me closer and closer to “me,” at which point I began practicing 4-5 times a week. From then on, my trusty yoga mat came on every work trip with me – from Pakistan to Peru.

My yoga practice opened me up to a new world that I now can’t imagine living without – a world centered on creating balance and ease in all aspects of life.  I started to see yoga, and the world of personal growth as a viable career option—in many ways I’d already been doing this work for free my whole life.

I made the decision to leave my career in international development, and got certified as a Holistic Health Coach by the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, a Life Coach by Inner Glow Circle,  a 200 hour Vinyasa Yoga Teacher by  Flow Yoga Center in Washington DC, and am currently undergoing my 500 hour yoga teacher training at Dharma Yoga Center in New York.

The past few years have been filled with ongoing training in yoga, reiki and more, working rigorously with my own coaches, spending a month in ashrams in India, building my own personal coaching practice and opening a yoga studio.

I’m now live in the Bahamas with my husband and two children (a.k.a. my Boston terriers – Truffle and Rooney) and have a full-time career as a certified life coach and yoga studio owner.

To some, from the outside my old life may look just as good as – or even better than – my new one.  And to others this life looks better.  But none of that actually matters.  What matters is that I’m now in a place where I’m truly satisfied with what I’m doing and more importantly with who I am.  

Learning to live in alignment with my true self has shifted every aspect of my life.

It wasn’t the career change, deciding to be with my husband, or moving to the Bahamas that made the difference.  It was putting in the work to connect with my inner self, relentlessly practicing self-love and choosing my own truth above everyone else’s that landed me here today.

If my story resonates with you, I’d love to connect.  Click here to email me with questions or to set up a free consultation!