Are you ready to stop trying to create a life that looks great on the outside and create one that actually feels great on the inside?

Have you checked off all the boxes- but for some reason you’re still not satisfied…like REALLY satisfied?

Are you still struggling to fully love your body (you get that you may never grace the cover of Sports Illustrated but you’d like to have a love-hate love-love relationship with your skinny jeans)?

Do you long for a sense of peace of mind, but constantly find yourself obsessing about the future?

Do you feel like your happiness depends on other people or on external circumstances, but wish your happiness came from within?

Are you holding yourself back from living the life you truly want and deserve – e.g. it goes a little something like this: once I have/am (blank), then I’ll do/be (blank)?

Then you’re in the right place!

My program is designed to give you the support, partnership and accountability you need to fast-track your way to living life authentically, aligned and on purpose.

Why should you work with me?

Because I’ve been there.

Just a couple of years ago I was actually deeply dissatisfied.  Nothing “should” have been wrong – I had a great career, the guy of my dreams, a lot of friends, etc.  Yet I found myself stuck in a guilt-ridden cycle of “I’m just not happy.”

I’d just finished graduate school in Washington, DC and finally had the career I thought I’d wanted since I was 13.  But instead of feeling fulfilled, I just felt empty. Add to that taking a break from a 5-year relationship with my now-husband, the stress of it all became completely consuming.

I felt lost in life.

I was constantly seeking but never satisfied, and trying desperately to “control” everything around me (which resulted in a late-onset period of anorexia).  I just kept wondering, “When do I find what I’m looking for?  What will FINALLY make me happy?”  All I wanted was for everything to fall into place (and soon please!) and to finally feel ALIVE – like I was really living.

It eventually dawned on me (after a lot of coaching and other personal development work…) that the work I had to do was internal.  No external circumstance was ever going to provide the peace I so deeply craved – I had to learn to tap into that peace within myself.

And finding that peace and conviction is what I’m here to help you do, too.

My signature package includes….

  • A signature welcome packet to jumpstart this path toward living with intention
  • Weekly 60-minute 1-on-1 coaching sessions by phone or Skype
  • Unlimited support via text and email between sessions
  • 15-minute as-needed spot coaching calls between sessions (for when you could really use some extra support!)

Through this program you can expect to…

  • Realize that you have everything you need within yourself, right this very moment.
  • Move through your days feeling deeply aligned, energized and with purpose.
  • Look in the mirror and LOVE what you see (silencing your inner mean girl, once and for all)
  • Realize that even though you know you can’t control the future, you CAN live peacefully and in the present moment.
  • Start living your dream life NOW (rather than waiting until you’re “ready”)

Are you ready to start loving yourself and loving life fully?

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