Hey! My name is Alexis and welcome to my corner of the web.

I’m a life coach in the Bahamas, as well as a yoga teacher and owner of a yoga and wellness studio.

I passionately believe that if we want true happiness, purpose and alignment, we have to start by looking within… and that’s what I’m here to help you do.

I work with women around the world who “have it all” or have tried everything to be happy — the career, the thin body, the relationship — but nothing has worked. They’re ready to try a new way – to look within and find happiness and acceptance exactly where they are.

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How yoga helps me get through all the bad sh*t in the world

When I woke up Monday morning, the first thing I saw was a BBC alert that 50 were dead in a mass shooting in Vegas.  I just cried.  It’s so hard to fathom that kind of hate and misery to inflict so much pain on so many people. I think of what Sri Dharma Mittra (a great ... Continue Reading

To all you control freaks out there…

Control freak = me. At least it used to. I held a firm belief (you could even go so far as to call it a religion) that If I could just control what was going on around me (the school I got into, how I looked, etc) then I could have some grip on the outcome of ... Continue Reading

Beauty and its worth

I’m no fan of Donald Trump — and I’m the first to say the comments he made regarding women were atrocious.  Some defend him, some condemn him – I’m here to do neither.  What I’m grateful for is that the conversation regarding women, our bodies ... Continue Reading

Letting go of my inner people pleaser (how I learned the art of saying NO)

Recently I’ve had to learn the art of saying no. No, you cannot work here anymore. No, you missed your (free) life coaching consultation and I don’t have time to reschedule. No, you cannot come visit me with one week’s notice even though you live on another continent and we don’t see each other often. Well of course I ... Continue Reading

What the %$#& is a life coach?

People ask me all the time, “What’s a life coach?” – and I can tell they’re intrigued, albeit somewhat skeptical. This may sound like a shameless plug for hiring a life coach – but it isn’t – at least it’s not shameless.  Do I believe most people could use a life coach? Yeah, I actually do.  But mind ... Continue Reading

It’s a big bad world out there. CHOOSE love.

The morning of the Orlando shooting a coaching colleague of mine posted on Facebook: “Need some love. There’s so much death happening I can’t take it lately.  I’m unmotivated. I’m doubting the work works.” When she said she doubted the work we do works it hit a major chord for me and has been sitting ... Continue Reading